Friday, October 28, 2016

Top 10 Gmail features

Top 10 Gmail features

Do you think you know your email service well enough? Gmail is getting more adorable every day by meeting everyone’s emailing needs introducing groundbreaking features. Well here are some useful features of Gmail that may surprise you.

·       Dot Equal To No Dot – In Gmail, there is no significance of Dot. This feature helps the user to get their Dot related email ID mistakes get automatically rectified. 

·       Adding More Than One Account – People from business background often require multiple email IDs to separate their customer base and deal with lots of stuff effectively without letting the inbox get cluttered. 

·       Email Backup – It’s time to take your email safety to a new level by keeping backup emails. This feature helps you retrieve you deleted or hacked emails. 
·       Starred Emails – Now you can put a filter in your Gmail inbox by starring the emails as per their priority. 

·       Mails To PDF – Why copying the texts of your emails every time you want to save them or print them. Try converting your emails in Gmail into PDF files to make your professional life easier. 

·     Archive – You can retrieve temporarily unwanted emails using the Archive option. Neither lose complete access over few emails nor keep them in your inbox. 

·   More Filters – There are a range of email filtering options like Mark As Read/Unread, starred/unstarred, spam, mute, to name a few to make your emailing experience awesome and hassle-free. 

·       Email Priority – You may want your important emails to appear at the top and the secondary ones below them. Mark As Important option helps you achieve this benefit. 

·       Google Apps – This is an integrated option with your Gmail account. It can be seen as a bonanza. You can access your actual account, go to Google search, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Play, Google Plus and many other stuffs from a single place. 

Move To – You can move your emails to desired locations like social emails, promotion, travel, work, trash, spam etc. according to priority.  

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